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The vineyard is located near Kortessem in the heart of the valley of the Mombeek in the historical village of Wintershoven. The initial plantation of the vines was done in 2013 and the grape varieties were chosen to match the soil type and climate.


Our soil consists of a mixture of clay and loam. This creates a fertile and very advantageous foundation to raise grapes. The heavy clay causes the water to be released slowly to the roots of the plants causing the plant to experience mild water stress. As a result the grapes receive extra energy to create more intense aromas. Furthermore, the steep slope and the southwest orientation of the vineyard make sure there is a good drainage and a long evening sun to create ideal circumstances for our grape vines to grow in the most healthy natural way.

All these elements create a unique location to cultivate grapes in a natural way and to strengthen the natural aromas of the eventual wine. Our vineyard consists of 1400 plants: 1000 Chardonnay, 200 Pinot Gris and 200 Pinot Noir.

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