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Our story

Passion for the product

As a family of wine lovers visiting French vineyards for years, we were charmed and captivated by the production process of wine. The dream to start our own vineyard kept lingering. After discovering some local vineyards, we started looking for the perfect location for our own vineyard. We started small with the plantation of our vineyard on a favourable hill in Wintershoven that is called de ‘Bolle Berg’.

Love for nature

For now, we are still operating on a small scale but we very much want to grow our vineyard with passion and respect for the environment. We do this by interfering as little as possible in the natural processes. We mainly use biological deterrents, mechanical weed control and a manual harvest. Our main goal is to have the character of the grapes and the "terroir" speak for themselves.

Respect for the process

Our vineyard is a true family business; everyone helps with the pruning, maintenance and harvest.  What started out as a hobby has now become a shared passion. Our classically trained father and son are responsible for the traditional wine making process.

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